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Spiritual Alchemy

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The ability to change is available to anyone, even though most people don’t trust themselves enough to accomplish such goal.

It often seems that changing ourselves is a nearly impossible task, or that changing our life is much easier than changing who we are as a person. But there is much more that we need to know about this topic.

This book was created to deny those common beliefs, and tell you something that, unfortunately, most psychiatrists don’t know, simply because it implies the understanding of very important spiritual laws still hidden from the vast majority of society.

You can change and then change anything you want, but before doing that, you need to understand what makes you who you are, or do the things you do. It implies an awareness about the mechanisms of the mind, the nature of the spirit and the purpose of life.

In the following chapters written in Spiritual Alchemy , you will see that any change is possible, once you surrender to the alchemical challenges needed for that to occur. And then, but only then, will you know about your whole potential and how happy you can be in your life.

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