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Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation

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Animals seem to manifest tendencies seen in human beings. And, apart from the Darwinian theory, from a spiritual perspective we can say that it's not a coincidence.

Researches on reincarnation conducted for over 40 years by Ian Stevenson, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, on nearly 2500 children who reported past life memories, validated the possibility of reincarnation between human beings of different cultural backgrounds but also between humans and animals.

Focusing on further hypothesis based on these findings, this book intends to stimulate the reader into thinking about how the instincts of the physical world affect our conscience as human beings.

Based on many travelings around the world, and the combination of these experiences with knowledge in spiritual evolution, it was easy to see the correlation between reincarnation and the attitudes observed in animals and humans, just like Darwin saw it, even though in his case while focusing on the physical aspect of it instead of the spiritual. […]

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