The 10 Commandments of Satan - 22 Lions

The 10 Commandments of Satan

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The world in which we live follows several rules, paradigms and values that are strongly interconnected between themselves, in order to trap human beings in a mental state that we believe to be good and define our humanity. However, humanity is just the product of a specific conceptualization, expanded into a general perspective about life, as well as borrowed from it.

This perspective is today worldwide accepted, thanks to the massive power of the media and education, transforming billions of people into soldiers of this system, while making them prepared to detach from their relatives, friends, and even their own will to live, if there isn’t a perfect match between who they are, who they want to be and what they want others to become.

It’s not a coincidence that life purpose and religion have become the two most prominent questioned topics, while what is known has quickly deteriorated towards a mass schizophrenia. [...]

Learn more in the 10 Commandments of Satan.

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