The Mystic Triangle - 22 Lions

The Mystic Triangle

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You were born a slave but you can’t see it and you won’t be able to acknowledge it for as long as you’re unaware of the prison has been put before your eyes, blinding you from the truth, that you are not yourself but merely a tool of the system that absorbs your life and deceives you into believing you have one, that you are free.

You will never know freedom until you realize how you are being imprisoned. But this book offers the opportunity to see that. It’s a key to unlock your mind from its own deceptive perceptions and promote the achievement of your maximum potential in life.

Within the following chapters, you’ll be guided into understanding how to think more effectively and freely, how to analyze reality and how to restructure your mind into a new and more uplifting paradigm, which will then guarantee you the tools to overcome any obstacle in life and develop far beyond the modern concepts of modern human.

This book offers you the path to enlightenment by teaching you how to combine your spirit, thoughts and actions according to what ancient alchemists knew.

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