The Spiritual Laws of Abundance - 22 Lions

The Spiritual Laws of Abundance

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For over ten years of my life I’ve been analyzing wealth at the light of spiritual principles, and this journey has led me to many countries and to many business owners and billionaires, which I have analyzed regarding such paradigms.

At some point I was able to realize that such spiritual principles were indeed being applied every single time and despite their beliefs.

Nonetheless, I did notice as well that I was missing some links, some pieces on this puzzle, in order to fully understand how wealth can be produced in any given situation and with any business idea.

From this awareness emerged the knowledge presented in this book. It reveals what I’ve learned regarding the laws that guide wealth when combined with several ancient religious laws, and how I’ve applied them to prosper in my own personal life, in order to now enjoy a lifestyle that allows me to travel where and when I want, and this while living in any country I choose to, but also while making more money as I sleep than many people I know with their daily job.