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The Tao of Life

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This book is divided in 4 parts: Tao of Truth, Tao of Christ, Tao of God and Tao to Enlightenment. These topics are here interconnected through the theories described in each. But this isn’t a book for weak minds or faithful believers of any religion in particular and its dogmas. It’s a book for an individual seeking for true gnosticism and enlightenment within a normal lifestyle in a material world.

Although not promoting any specific form of interpretation, the philosophic principles presented here, help in the understanding of what true spirituality is and how it has been lost every time a prophet tried to recover it. In this way, anyone can prepare himself while realizing that is possible to ascend to a new reality, where life is based on honesty and compassion, not anger and resentment.

Even though the perspective described may offend many self-convinced minds, it also provides a truthful insight to the purpose of dreams, individuality and conscious manifestations through inspired actions. And that’s why it’s for those that want to be awaken, not the ones fighting-back to keep sleeping in a delusional reality.

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