Ultimate Alpha Woman Compilation - 22 Lions

Ultimate Alpha Woman Compilation

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This compilation includes 5 Bestsellers about Seduction, Dating, Relationships, Sex and Love, and answers all questions women usually have, namely:

  * How to get a boyfriend;

  * How to find a husband;

  * How to get a real man;

  * Where to find handsome men;

  * How to get a man's attention;

  * How to love a man;

  * How to please your man;

  * How to keep him interested;

  * How to keep a man;

  * How to tell if he's cheating;

  * Why men cheat;

  * How to get him back;

  * Why men abandon women.

Throughout these five books, a complete understanding of how to be an Alpha Woman is made possible with an analysis of the following topics:

  * How to be an Alpha Female;

  * Where to find a man and how do you get him;

  * The rules of seduction, from attraction to great sex;

  * How to deeply understand the game;

  * How to seduce and have sex like a Pornstar;

  * The rules of love;

  * The truth about compassion, attraction and romance.” [...]