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What is the secret?

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The secret law of attraction has always existed for thousands of years. It has been included in religious books to promote faith and gain followers but also used by aristocrats and politicians to control people. But this knowledge, however, is part of life and offers a deep insight about the meaning and purpose of existence.

Therefore, it’s the intention of this book to show, with a simple and practical approach, how the law of attraction applies to anyone.

Here, it’s explained how we always attract what we want or not, as well as the good and the bad, with abilities that have always been available to us and that we surely have used without being fully conscious about them.

In trying to build such awareness, the knowledge here presented will allow the reader to finally understand, behind all the mysticism and exaggeration that has been given to this topic, what the secret really is and why it has been kept secret.

With this perception, the concept can finally be clear without any need for specific techniques or magic tricks, because the secret is simply the mechanism behind the structure of existence.

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