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Law of Attraction Mind Movies - 22 Lions Shop

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How much is your life and your future worth to you? How fast do you want to see changes?

Apply the law of attraction effortlessly thanks to this unique package. It includes 7 videos, each one with 20 unique and beautiful images, as well as 7 audio files that you can use every day to apply the law of attraction by simply playing them. Included are also 7 PDF files with the transcription used, so that you may use them to record the same audios using your own voice.

Each video contains a message recorded by the best selling author Robin Sacredfire, one of the top experts on the topic of the law of attraction, with over 100 books written about this topic. Such recordings allow for new and positive values to become easily imprinted in your subconscious mind and work for you automatically as you go through the day.

When you buy this package, you receive a total of 21 files inside. All you need to do is add these files to your Smartphone and watch the videos whenever you want to uplift yourself

  1. Love & Marriage
  2. Wealth & Money
  3. Wisdom
  4. Divine Guidance
  5. Happiness
  6. Friendships
  7. Health & Weight-loss

When you buy this package, you receive files in the following format:

MP4, MP3, PDF.

When you buy from, you get a link at the end of the purchase, and by email (which may end up in your spam folder).  You can download the files received both through your mobile and computer. That email gives you the link to download the book. If you have any problem, you can simply contact customer support, and within 24 hours, you will receive the book directly as a reply to your message.
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Law of Attraction Mind Movies - 22 Lions Shop

Law of Attraction Mind Movies - 22 Lions Shop

$189.99 $9.97
Carregando avaliações...