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Rowan Knight



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“I do not want to lose you. I don’t know what to do. This relationship was such a mess the whole time, and never, never worked. And I know it was because of me. It was and still is only my fault. My fault you are unhappy and my fault I am still not grown up enough, my fault for all the provocations” (Agne).

These were some of her last words. And yet, “something inside just dies when we confront the spirit in which a narcissist does what she does. That is a confrontation with the pure will to evil. You stand on the edge of the abyss and look down into their soul and see there is no bottom” (Kathy Krajco).

In any relationship with such personalities, you enter a lost battle for an impossible love, in which you see faith and hope being crushed to pieces.

Such was also the case with Agne. And this is her true story, unveiling her words and thoughts, which her own family was never able to comprehend. So many times she misguided others, putting her partner in the middle of insinuations, assumptions and descriptions that had nothing to do with his true intent, just to hide herself and her dark world of viciousness.

Most people may never find the truth about Agne, they may never be able to accept such truth either, for it is far much darker than anyone could imagine, but this book will surely reveal to you everything there is to know about her darkness and disturbed mind.

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