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ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient

ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient

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Are you ready to unlock your extraordinary success? Discover the groundbreaking principles that go beyond intelligence, emotions, and the Law of Attraction in "ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient: Principles for an Amazing Psychological Power beyond Intelligence, Emotions and The Law of Attraction, that allows Predicting the Future."

In this must-read book, we delve into the true meaning of intelligence and how it can be harnessed to achieve extraordinary success. We explore three essential paths to understanding intelligence:

  • The scientific definition of intelligence;
  • The practical purpose of intelligence in life;
  • The mechanics behind intelligence.

While many are familiar with the first two points, the third remains shrouded in mystery for most. However, we uncover the secrets behind intelligence, debunking myths and clarifying misunderstandings along the way.

But this book goes even further. By understanding the mechanics behind intelligence, you can not only enhance your own intelligence but also help others do the same. Our methods have successfully transformed underachievers into top students, created prodigies in a matter of weeks, and even boosted creativity and productivity in the business world. In fact, the principles outlined in "ESQ" have contributed to the success of 70% of Spain's largest companies.

What sets "ESQ" apart is its ability to predict future success. By taking the ESQ Test, you will gain invaluable insights into your own potential and the potential of others. This knowledge is a game-changer for business consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, human resources managers, and social and corporate psychologists alike.

Unleash your extraordinary success quotient and unlock a future beyond your wildest dreams. Buy "ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient" now and begin your journey towards unparalleled achievement.

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