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Dan Desmarques

Holistic Psychology

Holistic Psychology

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Spiritual awareness is an attribute that can't be dissociated from mental health or physical health. And yet, quite a lot of people do this grave mistake of thinking that they can hypocritically segregate themselves into different spectrums of reality, while ignoring the rest. That is why they remain stuck in endless life cycles!

It is foolish to follow religions or sciences that isolate themselves in one part of the life spectrum as if the others were irrelevant or subject only to belief. For no spiritual or mental evolution is possible without an integration of all the elements that compose our existence.

How can we then understand life if not in this way only? Everything that surrounds us, affects us, at different levels. The holistic view of mental health is crucial to make any other, that is part of it, credible enough to be followed effectively.

You will discover here the most well-hidden secrets of the human mind that are evident to those who become successful in any and even all areas of life.

It could be said that the therapy exposed in this book unites educational models, theories of contemporary psychology, and other sciences of the mind, as well as religious principles, namely the many religious philosophies that refer to the power of consciousness and self-analysis, but it is also directed at the capacity of each being to transform his own reality independently by integrating such entire body of knowledge.

The different explanations presented in these pages are complementary and follow a constructive model, which facilitates their assimilation as well as the intended learnings and transformations.

It is expected that, following the many techniques and examples presented, the reader will prove to be more efficient in solving his existential problems, and become more skillful in the control of his own mind. This, while healing himself in the process and becoming more aligned with a higher truth. Because, as Carl Gustav Jung said, "Illumination is not imagining figures of light, but rather making darkness conscious".

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