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How to Align Your Chakras to Attract Wealth and Success (Audiobook)

How to Align Your Chakras to Attract Wealth and Success (Audiobook)

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In this audiobook you will learn about the mechanics of life hidden in your chakras and find how your personal energy creates your reality. It’s an opportunity to learn about how to be yourself while being successful and attract the things you want.

At the end of this audiobook, you will be more aware of how to change yourself and make better decisions, changing you entire future and attracting abundance.

According to Wikipedia: The term chakra appears to first emerge within the Hindu Vedas, though not precisely in the sense of psychic energy centers, rather as chakravartin or the king who "turns the wheel of his empire" in all directions from a center, representing his influence and power.[19] The iconography popular in representing the Chakras, states White, trace back to the five symbols of yajna, the Vedic fire altar: "square, circle, triangle, half moon and dumpling".[20]

The hymn 10.136 of the Rigveda mentions a renunciate yogi with a female named kunamnama. Literally, it means "she who is bent, coiled", representing both a minor goddess and one of many embedded enigmas and esoteric riddles within the Rigveda. Some scholars, such as David Gordon White and Georg Feuerstein, interpret this might be related to kundalini shakti, and an overt overature to the terms of esotericism that would later emerge in Post-Aryan Bramhanism. the Upanishad.[21][22][23]

  1. Your Personal Energy
  2. How to Channel Your Energy
  3. How to Align Your Energy with Your Financial Goals
  4. How to Cleanse Your Chakras
  5. How to Balance Your Chakras

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