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Kent Lamarc - Bundle

Kent Lamarc - Bundle

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This bundle of books authored by Kent Lamarc includes the entire collection of 22 ebooks. The titles cover many different topics, such as How to Attract Younger Women, How to Bang like a Werewolf, How to Be a Bad Boy, How to Be a Lion, How to Be a Pickup Artist, and much more.


  1. How to Attract Younger Women: Where to Find a Sexy Girlfriend and How to Make Her Fall in Love Despite the Fact You’re Uglier than Homemade Soap
  2. How to Bang like a Werewolf: …and make them scream your name
  3. How to Be a Bad Boy: …and Heal Yourself from the Nice Guy Syndrome
  4. How to Be a Lion: …and Get All The Hot Females in The Entire Jungle
  5. How to Be a Pickup Artist: How to Become a Master Pickup Artist, Develop Your Own Techniques On How to Seduce Women and Organize Seminars
  6. How to Be Single: …and Remain Totally Happy and Cool About It
  7. How to Choose a Wife: …and 8 Facts That Would Make Your Father Sick if He Knew
  8. How to Escalate with a Woman and Make Her Horny: How to Make a Woman Want to Sleep With You Even if You’re a Creepy Clown
  9. How to Get Laid in China: …Even If You Don’t Understand Anything About Women
  10. How to Get Out of the Friend Zone: …and Get a Super Hot Girlfriend
  11. How to Know What Women Want: …Without Having to Entertain Them Like a Circus Monkey
  12. How to Meet & Fxxx Different & Hot Asian Women: ...Every Single Day Until Your Balls Hurt
  13. How to Overcome Her Resistance: …and Win When Women Are Testing You
  14. How to Seduce Hot Women Online: …and Get Banned from a Dating Website in Less than 2 Weeks
  15. How to Seduce Like a Martial Artist: How to Get Lots of Women Using Strategies Even Bad Fighters Know
  16. How to Seduce the Hottest Women in the World: …Using Awesome Nerdy Tips that Most Pickup Artists Didn’t Even Know Existed
  17. How to Seduce Women Like a Demon: ...and Not Burn in Hell
  18. How to Sexually Attract Women: …with 100 Tips they Actually Like
  19. How to Successfully Break the Dating Rules: What All Women Secretly Want and How to Unpredictably Satisfy Their Desires
  20. How to Talk to a Beautiful Woman: How to Successfully Approach Women, Start a Conversation and Flirt Without Being Slapped
  21. How to Text a Girl: …Even if She Doesn’t Know You and Doesn’t Like You
  22. How to Travel Inside the Female Brain: …by Analyzing Common Questions and the Weird Meaning Behind Them

When you buy our collection, you receive all these versions for each ebook:


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