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Neil Mars

Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

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Over many years, I've analyzed dozens of books from various sources. I began by reading much of the literary editions promising immediate results, mostly from authors with background in psychology, offering memorization methods and concentration techniques, but nothing seemed to work.

They didn’t work because were based on common sense, such as studying in quiet and well-lit locations, and also because, largely, they exposed scientific models of approach originating in the same social irrationality that was creating students with learning difficulties.

In a society that considered the necessity of concentration as a fundamental and differential principle in the ability to learn, everything that was presented on learning followed the strengthening of that same social fallacy.

The works on Learning Disabilities available on the subject of learning appeared and appear to not consider what for society in general is not real – learning as a mental and emotional apprehension of reality. A forced retention of reality is promoted in our minds, as if it was possible to learn what you cannot comprehend, experience or apply with autonomy.

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