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Frank Selden

Mastering Estate Planning

Mastering Estate Planning

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Attention all Self-Directed Qualified Account (SDQA), Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA), SoloK, or Rollover Business Startup (ROBS) holders! Are you prepared for the intricacies of estate planning specific to these types of accounts? This book is your ultimate resource, providing invaluable knowledge to help you avoid prohibited transactions, distributions, and even account disqualification. The consequences of mishandling the transfer of SDQA assets after the death of the Account Owner (AO) can be severe. But fear not, because this book is here to guide you through the process with clear, concise explanations of the proper procedures, making compliance a breeze.

Behind the expertise of this book is the author, a former personal banker who found his passion for SDQAs after a career-altering merger. Enrolling in law school and serving in the military, he later faced a back injury that led him to discover the world of self-directed IRAs and ROBS. Armed with his knowledge and experience, he now shares his insights with you to ensure your estate plan is properly prepared for the seamless transfer of assets when the time comes. Why waste tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary taxes and legal fees when you don't have to? Just like a brief, six-minute phone call saved a caller from a hefty tax bill, this book has the potential to provide you with the same invaluable advice.

Not all professionals possess the answers to the questions tackled in this book, so it's crucial to empower yourself with the knowledge found within these pages. And if you find it helpful, don't hesitate to share it with others who could also benefit. Remember, though, that reading this book does not replace professional advice, and if you require legal assistance with the IRS, seek the services of a qualified professional.

Dive into the world of self-directed qualified accounts and the nuances of estate planning, taking control of your financial future. This comprehensive guide will demystify the complexities and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth. Don't miss the opportunity to save thousands and pave the way for a stress-free estate planning process.

Key features of this book:

  • - Detailed explanations of the estate planning nuances specific to Self-Directed Qualified Accounts.
  • - Step-by-step guidance to help you avoid prohibited transactions, distributions, and account disqualification.
  • - Insights from a former personal banker and expert in the field.
  • - Real-life examples of how proper estate planning can save you from hefty tax bills.
  • - A roadmap to navigate the complexities and ensure the seamless transfer of wealth.
  • - Sharing-worthy knowledge that not all professionals possess.


Master estate planning for your Self-Directed Qualified Account with expert guidance. Prepare for a seamless transfer of wealth and avoid costly mistakes. Empower yourself with invaluable knowledge today!

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