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Dan Desmarques

The Antichrist

The Antichrist

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Many exorcists have pointed out that the amount of people possessed by demons has significantly increased in the past years. But it is important to noice, as exorcist Fr. Francesco Bamonte said, that "Satan is not the god of evil against the God of the good, rather he is a being who God created as good. Satan and the spirits at his service, therefore, are not omnipotent beings, they cannot perform miracles, they are not omnipresent, they cannot know our thoughts or know the future”.

The acknowledgement of our thoughts and the control over the human mind, has to be given, and necessarily come from the outside. And that can only be facilitated with the aid of science, namely, psychiatry, technology, and the progress made by the social sciences as a whole in the understanding of the human behavior and its predictability, along with the identification of the human desires and impulses.

It is in this latest point, that we find religion to be an excellent means of study and experimentation. For it is here that we notice an interconnection of different elements of the human nature in an open display attributed to faith and trust. In other words, the Antichrist will have to manifest himself through a religion. But not without the aid of mind control techniques. And this is why Satan needs to operate through many areas in order to make his plan of total global enslavement possible.

In this book, you will see exactly how this plan is being developed for the past decades, and how different religions are working towards making it a reality. The book guarantees to forever destroy your childlike and naive version of reality. For it will present you with abundant evidence of an acceleration in the process of creating a universal religion with the intention of enslaving mankind. Here you will be offered facts, and not just theories, related to the plan that has been unfolding, so that you may be able to see it for yourself.

This is not a book based on faith or religion, but rather scientific and historical events interconnected for a specific purpose — global enslavement.

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