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Brandon Goldentree

The Art of Galactic War

The Art of Galactic War

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As a Master of the Art of Galactic War, you’re not supposed to have or feel empathy for any race on a planet and humanoids are not exception to the rule.

Upon approaching one of their planets, you’ll immediately notice that habits have been formed out of their structures of thought, which are often based on emotions, except in cases in which a blend of cybernetic material with human tissue has led to form a new tendency.

In a transitional stage you may find these beings depending on electronic devices in a daily basis.

Avoid an attachment to this net of paradigms, which often promote hallucination and dementia!

Humanoids are naturally drawn by emotional-based instincts due to their genetic background and to worship etheric values, as well as godly images which aren’t corresponding to the unlimited laws of the universe.

This tendency creates huge setbacks that delay the progress of our galaxy.

Therefore, enslavement comes as a natural procedure of the order when the species cannot promote truthful life by itself.

Each species has its own delusional and unstable tendencies that must be controlled. This is the manual that shall allow it.

  1. Step 1: Form above as they do below
  2. Step 2: Control their survival
  3. Step 3: Find the command
  4. Step 4: Suppress compassion
  5. Step 5: Control independency
  6. Step 6: Control the elements
  7. Step 7: Control the vibrations
  8. Step 8: Control their space
  9. Step 9: Promote wars
  10. Step 10: Control their resources
  11. Step 11: Implant new values
  12. Step 12: Show them pain
  13. Step 13: Entertain them
  14. Step 14: Make them choose evolution
  15. Step 15: Promote inner-control
  16. Step 16: Block external links
  17. Step 17: Erase their identity
  18. Step 18: Shape them to your image
  19. Step 19: Reduce their freedom
  20. Step 20: Unite them under our power
  21. Step 21: Inspire them
  22. Step 22: Give them a new soul
  23. Step 23: Give them a genetic path
  24. Step 24: Give them new thoughts
  25. Step 25: Allow them the freedom to die
  26. Step 26: Modify the atmosphere
  27. Step 27: Take their identity away
  28. Step 28: Relocate them
  29. Step 29: Give them a paradise
  30. Step 30: Control their spirituality

Step 1: Form above as they do below

 As these species control animals of lower nature, so they must be caught and controlled by species of a higher nature.

 Hierarchy is a natural structural path that develops within a certain paradigm. Make it to our image!

 Create an image that resembles theirs and make them believe they worship their higher self when worshiping you.

 There’ll be a natural resistance to control and invasion from outside that persists in time until the inside becomes a perfect reflection of that outside, and even so, unpredictable genetic manifestations may awaken a few rebels once in a while. [...]


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