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Robin Sacredfire

The Complete Works of Robin Sacredfire

The Complete Works of Robin Sacredfire

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This collection includes 100 ebooks — the complete works authored by Robin Sacredfire. A total of 3267 pages.

The 100 titles included are the following:

  1. 7 Secrets to Willpower: How to Apply the Ancient Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to Manifest What You Want
  2. 10 Characteristics of Inspirational People: A Way to Be Creative, Wise, Wealthy & Famous
  3. 717 Quotes & Sayings of Robin Sacredfire
  4. Alchemy: How to Be Free, Live Life and Create Everything You Desire
  5. Another Chance: A Guide to Change Your Life with Love
  6. A Rose in a Storm: Spiritual Awakening and Growth in Love and Life
  7. Ascension: A Manifesto from the Pleiades to the Bodhisattvas of the Earth
  8. A Theory of Reincarnation: How is Karma Related to Reincarnation & How to Remember Past Lives
  9. Authenticity & Empathy: How to Develop the Ability to Love, Control Our Emotions and Feel Compassion
  10. Awakening to Abundance: How Life Works to Force Your Spiritual Growth and Help You Find Yourself
  11. Buddhism 2.0: How to Practice the Universal Laws of Modern Buddhism and Follow the Greatest Lessons about Virtue, Moral and Enlightenment
  12. Centered & Balanced: How to Love Yourself More and Restore Your Flow of Energy
  13. Change Yourself: How to Control Your Life and Recreate Your Destiny
  14. Control: How to Become More Spiritually Aware and Live Your Life to the Fullest
  15. Enlightenment: Healing Mantras and Chants to Clean the Spirit and Clear Negative Energy
  16. Enter the Matrix: The 4 Stages of the Soul and 7 Levels of the Mind in the Development of a Prophetic Conscience
  17. ESQ - Extraordinary Success Quotient: Principles for an Amazing Psychological Power beyond Intelligence, Emotions and The Law of Attraction, that allows Predicting the Future
  18. Financial Intelligence & Magick: How to Prosper in the Age of Aquarius
  19. Free Your Mind: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Become Who You Really Want to Be 
  20. Give Me Money: How I Got Rich and You Can Be Too by Following the Knights Templar Legacy
  21. Gnosticism: The Greatest Religious Secrets
  22. Hardcore Spirituality: How to Refute Atheism and Find a True Religion
  23. How to Be Awesome: How to Live Life to the Fullest and Be Successful in Everything You Do
  24. How to Change Your Karma: The Relation Between Reincarnation, Life Purpose and Luck in the Path to Spiritual Awakening
  25. How to Control Your Mind: Learning to Defeat Your Demons and Overcome Your Thoughts
  26. How to Find Yourself
  27. How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea
  28. How to Improve Yourself: Secrets that Nobody Ever Told You about How to Use The Brain to Become Smarter, Change Your Paradigms and Get Amazing Results in Life
  29. How to Magically Make a Lot of Money: How to Apply the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to Become Financially Independent and Successful
  30. How to Reprogram Your Destiny
  31. How to Stop Feeling Lost in Life and Find What You Love
  32. Immortality: The Secret Paradigm about How to Live Forever with Spiritual Rehabilitation
  33. Karma and Dharma: Why Life is Beautiful and Worth Living
  34. Life Purpose: How to Make Significant Changes that Transform Your Future & Attract Miracles to Your Life
  35. Luciferian Sexuality
  36. Mantras & Affirmations: Chants and Healing Affirmations to Increase Your Energetic Vibrational Frequency
  37. Mindfulness: Merging our Evolution and Awakening with Consciousness and Pleasure
  38. Mind Power: How to Achieve Anything, Get What You Want and Live Your Dreams
  39. Mirror
  40. Modern Alchemy: How to Apply the Five Elements of Life to Prosper in Business Investments and See the Future
  41. Mysteries of the Pythagorean Brotherhood: Heart and Soul in the Love for Wisdom and the Lovers of the Light
  42. Novus Bellatores Moralis: A Manifesto for the New Knights Templar
  43. Out of the Box: How to Develop Intuition, Be Smarter and Excel in Life
  44. Prosperity: How Health Affects Wealth and Happiness
  45. Sacred Love
  46. Sacred Numerology: How Your Life Changes According to Secret Hermetic Laws
  47. Seeds of Awareness
  48. Secrets of Alchemy: Sacred and Mystic Codes for Good Fortune, Success, Prosperity, Happiness and Miracles in Life
  49. Shadows of the Illuminati: The Religious, Financial and Political Beliefs of the Secret Government & The New World Order Conspiracy
  50. Siddhiprapti: How to Attain Love, Wisdom, Wealth, Happiness and Enlightenment with the Knowledge of the Ancient Hindu Scriptures
  51. Spiritual Alchemy: The Courage to Change and Restore Your Flow of Energy
  52. Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation: The Importance of Instincts and why the Darwinian Theory is Incomplete
  53. Spiritual Living & Chakra Functions: How to Build a Great Fortune by Balancing the Chakras
  54. Spiritual Rebirth: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally
  55. Telepathy: What You Need to Know about Mind Reading and Unconscious Patterns in Social Interactions, to Develop Your Conscience and Achieve a Higher Awareness
  56. The 10 Commandments of Satan: A Slant to Raise Awareness and Improve Ethics
  57. The 10 Triangles of Life: Secret Laws for Magic, Control and Fortunetelling
  58. The Age of Aquarius: Understanding the Meaning of the New World Changes and How God Wants Us to Live Our Spiritual Awakening
  59. The Art of Chaos: The Aesthetics of Disorder and How to Use It to Do Magic, Change Your Life and Be Lucky
  60. The Chymical Seduction: The Most Ancient and Secret Mystery
  61. The Dark Side of the Law of Attraction: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Law of Detachment but Nobody Had the Courage to Tell You
  62. The Devil's World: The Art of Spiritual Warfare in the Age of Aquarius
  63. The Gnostic Path to Oneness: How to Know Yourself and Use Your Mind to Access Parallel Realities
  64. The God of Fire: Ancient Vedic Secrets to Wealth, Love, Happiness and Enlightenment
  65. The Gold of the Templars: How to Manifest Financial Abundance Like the Ancient Alchemists 
  66. The Human of the Future
  67. The Illusion of Chaos: How to Develop a Higher Awareness in Your Daily Life and According to the Law of Attraction
  68. The Key to the Second Kingdom: The Meaning of Happiness, Depression, Conflict and Suicide in our Life Path
  69. The Law of Attraction: 10 Tips on How to Make the Spiritual Laws of the Universe Help You Achieve Your Goals and Dreams in Life
  70. The Law of Karma: What is the Law of Cause and Effect and How Does It Work
  71. The Law of the Pentagram: An Alchemist Handbook for Magic and Divination Using the Application of Spiritual Codes and the Law of Attraction
  72. The Laws of the Great Architect: The Perfectly Chaotic Path of Personal Transformation in the Manifestation of Our Dreams
  73. The Light in You: How to Find the Answers You Need to Get More Love in Your Life
  74. The Master: How to Practice The Science of Decision Making with Confidence and Know What You Really Want
  75. The Monarchic Legacy: What the Words and Beliefs of the Royal Families Can Tell You About Money and Power
  76. The Mystic Laws of Love
  77. The Mystic Triangle: Alchemical Secrets about Being a Better Person and Transforming Life with the Law of Attraction
  78. The Paradigm of Abundance: Why Rich People Have Money and You Don’t
  79. The Purest Gold: How to Work with God, Be Virtuous & Create Miracles on Earth
  80. The Sacred Fire of the Phoenix: A Journey into the World Within
  81. The Science of Miracles: How to Apply The Power of Intention, the Laws of Magic and the Mysteries of the Subconscious Mind to Change Your Beliefs and Update Yourself
  82. The Secret Key: The Hidden Shortcut in Finding More Money and Meaning in Life
  83. The Serpents of Life and Death: The Power of Kundalini & the Secret Bridge Between Spirituality and Wealth
  84. The Spiritual Laws of Abundance: The Spiritual Way of Making Money by Understanding The Relationship Between Attitude, Emotions, Values, Ethics, Moral, Success, Power, Politics, Religion and Lifestyle
  85. The Spiritual Revolution
  86. The Theory of Everything: Secret Formulas of the Upanishads to Wealth, Love and Happiness
  87. The Transitional Code: A Key to Miracles, Dreams and Unlimited Abundance
  88. Think and Focus Like a Star: Boost Yourself and Discover How to Excel, Win and Be Famous
  89. The Truth About Hell
  90. The Ultimate Book of Powerful Quotations
  91. Towards a Better Life: Learning How to Live with Abundance and Tranquility in a Wonderful Path without Problems or Unhappiness
  92. Ultimate Power: 33 Keys to Empower You
  93. Understanding & Uplifting the Human Nature: How to Change Thoughts, Beliefs and Attitudes, while Predicting and Transforming the Future to Get Recognition and Become Wealthy
  94. Wake Up & Live: How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself and Be Smarter
  95. What Is More Important in Life?: Money, Love, Spirituality or Happiness?
  96. What True Love Is
  97. When Death Comes: Why, How and When We Die
  98. Where’s the Money? The Cycle of Poverty and Why the Majority Can’t Be Rich
  99. Why We Suffer: Why does God allow Evil, Sickness, Suffering and Pain to Exist in this World?
  100. You Are Beautiful: Achieving All Your Dreams With Love
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