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Dan Van Casteele

The Path to Success

The Path to Success

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There are techniques to DJ and to become a music producer. There are also methods to organize music events and to promote them. But, few people ever wrote about what truly makes everything awesome, or which criteria an artist should follow to gain success and reach the level of the most famous.

Even though many would refer to such knowledge as being impossible to gain or organize in obvious principles, this book is based on the biography of a famous DJ, Dan Van Casteele, who has been implementing it all his life to make himself and others successful, and reach top word charts dozens of times.

This book talks about experiences in DJing, organizing parties, managing DJs, producing and composing Music, as well as in competing against the best musicians in the world. And, while not referring to mainstream beliefs, it does show how to be the best in these situations.

This is, very likely, one of the most complete manuals about how to be successful in the field of electronic music.[...]

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