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Dan Desmarques

The Spiritual Mechanics of Love

The Spiritual Mechanics of Love

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Many people wonder what makes relationships work or why they often don’t work, and how we can make them work; but everyone knows, somehow, how to keep a relationship, either it lasts a few weeks, months or years; everyone knows, at the very least, some principles about love; and yet, because such principles don’t apply in modern times and for most individuals, we still witness an increasing number of breakups and divorces, and this while gradually, more and more people, basically, keep on quitting putting the efforts to change themselves. On the other hand, what kind of efforts should people really be looking forwards to? Which studies truly help anyone in understanding what love is from a spiritual point of view? For as we barely started to comprehend what love is at a chemical level, a long way is needed to get the answers this book offers.

Now, the majority of the people do believe they are putting the right efforts in their relationships, most of which focusing on communication; and yet, they also admit that they don’t feel understood by their partner. And although communication is indeed the basis of any relationship, there are many other factors interfering with it, reason why we are never satisfied with our results.

The whole world of energies around us and within us, manifests as well in our emotions, and that’s why, sometimes, we also feel like we can’t communicate with some persons. In order to do that effectively, we would have to understand this energy field; for there are spiritual laws and chemical principles that operate in the physical world too; and if we understand them, we can understand our relationships better.

Once we apprehend these principles well enough, and put them to use accordingly, they will feel natural to us, because, indeed, they are; and as you will see here, because these manifestations are occurring all the time, you will know too what to do in the right moment once noticing the information being displayed in your reality.

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