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Dan Desmarques



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Despite the differences that we may encounter between people, certain characteristics are typical of creative personalities.

The content presented here could therefore be seen as a path to creativity and a solution for procrastination.

The creative mind is a state that can’t be found when crossing doors within our own self, and can’t be imagined or forced either. It is a personality type which, although developed, can’t be interchanged with other personality types.

Artists or creatives are like travelers between the spiritual and material worlds, bridging the integration of these two realms in their work and attitude towards society.

This is true despite what society sees in these personalities, as some may be seen as kind or eccentric, while others may be viewed as obnoxious and impertinent, even rude.

This challenge creates a pressure in the mind of such individuals that may lead them to egotistic rants or depressive states, both of which are reactions to the effects created in others, most of whom are uncomfortable with their existence.

At its highest state, the creative mind bends the laws of the physical world, in time, dimensions and even forms, and can make the unexplainable appear real.

The most enlightened of all creatives can write a book, produce a music masterpiece, or give form to an extraordinary and original painting in just a couple of hours.

This is possible through the control of various processes that are not visible to the many, due to their unknown state about the complexity and level of commitment required to produce at that level.

The information presented here is then found essential to anyone who wishes to create original art through any of the various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.

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