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Dan Desmarques

The Game of Life and How to Play It

The Game of Life and How to Play It

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A lot has been said about the law of attraction and some have called it “the secret” but this secret has been present in all religions of the world in some form.

Over the years, such secret was hidden behind symbols and allegories as a way to veil the shortcut to success from those who didn’t have enough moral values, and would, somehow present a threat to society.

This is why, even though we wish to believe in an equalization of opportunities, for it is our divine right to possess them, those powers, if not protected from the immoral, the criminal, can indeed lead humanity to a worse situation.

So why are we now witnessing an overwhelming amount of information related to this topic?

The reason for this is that no longer can these secret be hidden from the evil ones. And as evil gains more access to well-hidden secrets about God’s laws, the only chance we have of overcoming the outcome is by actually learning the same secret and apply them.

Humanity fails when applying these laws for selfish purposes, and gains, in more ways than one, if applying them to change the world in a better direction.

It is believed, for many thousands of years, that those who are well-determined in their goals, and pure in heart, will be capable of applying God’s will for a better world. And they will do this by accumulating a power that manifests in a variety of forms — emerging from their mind, heart and actions.

These laws are then meant to be applied not just to accumulate riches, but also to influence the direction in which humanity must go, while applying on top of those riches a huge abundance of creativity inspired by divine dreams.

It is the purpose of this book not only to teach you the laws of life and how to use them in your favor, but also make you a better human being in the process.

You can call what you will learn here magic, but it is a well-intended magic, divinely guided and morally aligned.

The knowledge you will find here has changed many lives in completely unpredictable directions and will hopefully change your life in a greater way too.

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