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DescriptionEven though most people think that fame depends on luck, the best bands follow a completely different mindset and route by shaping their fate. Their rules are so common that anyone with enough success and experience will easily identity them. And yet, they’re also completely hidden from a majority in the music industry that can’t see it.This book will reveal to you what only famous bands know. These are secrets that will allow you to reach popularity and a great reputation much faster and with more impact, not just locally, but worldwide.Maybe you’re creating your own band, trying to reinvent the one you have, or simply searching for ways to take what you have one step further into the fame it deserves. Whatever is the situation, this book will guide you there.The main rules for success are here explained with a direct and simple vocabulary, allowing you to easily correlate the information to any band you know and see that, more than a theory, this book refers to very obvious facts that can be identified and measured. Chapters Choose a niche Have a good message Evolve and improve Know your weaknesses Create an ideal balance Act Professionally PreviewChoose a nicheChoosing your music niche doesn't have to be something that you do on purpose. It can simply be just something that you find. Who enjoys your music? Who goes to your parties? Maybe the answer to these questions isn’t necessarily the one you want to hear but you have to really think about it. Because, either you change your style, or you appeal to your dedicated audience.Generally speaking, people know your worth and will react accordingly, telling you exactly where and how you should play to be more successful. Many of today’s famous bands started in very small niches and expanded from there. But you do need to have your roots well rooted and that’s the ground of your first audience. (...)FilesWhen you...


Description4 Simple Rules to Stop Bullying starts from the principle that the phenomenon of bullying is not new or related merely to schools, but rather a problem that has always existed and must be acknowledged as something related to the whole education and social system.Teaching children about how to deal with bullying is important for their whole life and can change their future, while increasing their probability of obtaining a happy life. Following such paradigm, the book focuses on the application of four principles to deal with this issue from different angles, and more precisely parenting and teaching. These four principles are mutual respect, self-esteem, equal needs and basic rights, as well as the golden rule of “onto others as to you”. They are used here “as tools to promote compassion and acknowledgement.This is a book intended to guide parents and teachers in dealing with this problem with a creative mindset, helping in not just solving the problem in itself, but also contribute with better values for the next generations.Chapters Perspectives Respect Self-esteem Equality The Golden Rule Applications Punishments Shock-therapies Measurements A Story about Bullying PreviewPerspectivesThe phenomenon of bullying must be analyzed under different perspectives, taking into account that each one will demand a different behavior as a response:Parents: It’s a fact that bullies or their victims are developed mainly at home, while the school is the environment they find to express their nature, either with or without their parents approval. Regarding the approval, it’s meant here the acknowledgment of the situation. Because many parents do allow their children to continue being victims of abuse, by not knowing how to deal with it or disregarding the issue, and there’re also parents that actually promote bullying behaviors in their children as a way to raise their own self-esteem. (...)FilesWhen you buy our ebook, you receive all these versions for the same price:EPUB, PDF, MOBI.LanguagesClick Here for the English EditionClick Here for the Portuguese EditionRetailersPaperbackClick Here for...