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Dan Desmarques

The Spiritual Laws of Money

The Spiritual Laws of Money

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The laws of abundance are universal and can be seen in effect all over the globe, no matter the culture or country.

Those who understand them are capable of making money even as an economy collapses, and also during moments of war, because they follow specific codes that are applicable to any circumstance.

These codes are interrelated with the laws of energy and karma, reason why they were know in Ancient Egypt, as well as Mesopotamia and India.

We could argue if the origin of these principles came from Egypt or India, as they seem to have been applied even before these great civilizations existed.

Much of what is known today concerning the law of attraction, or the art of attracting a new reality through our thoughts, was already known by the priests of ancient beliefs.

As a matter of fact, many of the subsequent groups that were formed were dedicated to the understanding of these principles in a mathematical way, in an attempt at codifying divine laws.

Among them, the alchemists and the pythagoreans are probably the most well-known, but the freemasons did took this topic one step further, by studying the laws of the universe in their relation with life experience.

These codes, quite often intertwined with cultural values, as what occurs in Indian and China, are the reason why so many people can go from rags to riches in a very short period of time.

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