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22 Lions is a Bookstore and Independent Publisher of original literary fiction and inspirational nonfiction. In 2015, we became the official representative of the former Uplifting Books Publishing and Danmar Recordings, as well as the official representative and intermediary for famous authors such as Robin Sacredfire. Our team has always been multinational and multicultural, with employees from China, the USA and Europe. We are affiliated with iTunes and Kobo, and we partner with more than 70 companies from around the world to offer much more than just books.
We started in 2009 by selling just paperback books, and since then have grown to sell a full line of digital products to serve both readers and writers. Our mission is to publish unique products that will change the way you see the world and enjoy life, improving your analytical capacities and uplifting your spirit to its fullest. Our books are enlightening and filled with inspirational perspectives. And our other products are compatible with this line of thought. Besides, we constantly offer products to keep you motivated and learning interesting things. Our subscribers are always receiving nice surprises in their email box. That’s why we currently have over 20,000 subscriptions.
After many years seeing our titles ranking as successful bestsellers in multiple platforms, we established the 22 Lions Bookstore & Publishing House, in order to better promote our writers and artists, build fresh audiences for their work, and establish a literary niche of followers against the mainstream. Since then, the 22 Lions Bookstore has quickly built a reputation as an innovative publisher committed to promoting talented, original, provocative and intriguing authors who often go on to win awards. Our purpose has always been to change the way people think and improve the quality of their life. We continue to fulfill this vision. Some of our most memorable achievements include “Leading Advocates for Inspirational Nonfiction Books - USA, by the CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Awards 2018”; “Best Digital Bookstore & Publishing Company By the 2017 Entertainment Awards”; “Set Dressing Bookstore for Gracie & Frankie”; “Set Dressing Bookstore for Discovery of Witches”.
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