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22 Lions is a Bookstore and Independent Publisher of original literary fiction and inspirational nonfiction, as well as the official representative and intermediary for famous authors such as Robin Sacredfire. Our team has always been multinational and multicultural, with employees from China, the USA and Europe.

We are affiliated with iTunes and Kobo, and we partner with more than 70 companies from around the world to offer much more than just books.

We started in 2009 by selling just paperback books, and since then have grown to sell a full line of digital products to serve both readers and writers. Our mission is to publish unique products that will change the way you see the world and enjoy life, improving your analytical capacities and uplifting your spirit to its fullest. After many years seeing our titles ranking as successful bestsellers in multiple platforms, we established the 22 Lions Bookstore & Publishing House, in order to better promote our writers and artists, build fresh audiences for their work, and establish a literary niche of followers against the mainstream. Since then, the 22 Lions Bookstore has quickly built a reputation as an innovative publisher committed to promoting talented, original, provocative and intriguing authors who often go on to win awards.


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Awards / Recognition

Our most honorable mentions

  • Best Digital Bookstore & Publishing Company by the 2017 Entertainment Awards.
  • Leading Advocate for Inspirational Nonfiction Books - USA, by the CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Awards 2018.
  • Set Dressing Bookstore for Gracie & Frankie.
  • Set Dressing Bookstore for Discovery of Witches.
  • Promoted in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in 2016
  • Over 300 Best Selling Books on Amazon, Kobo and the iBookstore.
    More information:
    • The Titles "The Spiritual Laws of Money" and "The Illusion of Me" were selected to be promoted in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books in L.A - April 2016.
    • The title "How to Magically Make a Lot of Money" was chosen as set dressing for the TV series Grace and Frankie.
    • The Efficient Student was Nr.2 in Amazon Brazil (Education) for several months. In fact, during the first year in which Amazon Brazil was launched, "The Efficient Student" (in its Portuguese Edition), ranked as Nr.2 Most Sold eBook among the entire catalogue that was available online. And yes, it means that it was ranked above 50 Shades of Grey, Harry Potter and many other famous titles. Below, we show you some of the original screenshots.




      Rankings from 2016

      Results for eBooks in English on

      • The Rules of Seduction - NR.1 in France (Women's Health)
      • Dating Asian Women - Nr.16 in Japan (Sex)
      • The Mystic Triangle - Nr.22 in US (Occult Rosicrucianism)
      • The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite - Nr.23 in US (Miracles)
      • Child Education - Nr.49 in US (Education)
      • The Art of Chaos - Nr.63 in US (Alchemy) / Nr.1 in US (Hot New Releases)
      • The Path to Success - Nr.72 in US (Music)


      More information: "The 88 Secret Codes of the Power Elite" was a Bestseller on for 6 years, from 2012 to 2018.


        Results for eBooks in other languages on

          Rankings from 2015

          Our Book, "Amor: A Dinâmica do Fim dos Relacionamentos (Portuguese Edition)", Translated to English as "Love: The End of Relationships Dynamic", was Nr.1 on Amazon Brazil, Divorce (August 18, 2015), and Nr.2 on Amazon Brazil, Depression (August 18, 2015).



          Our Book, "Think Like a Spy", was Nr.81 on Amazon US, Self-Help (September 11, 2015).



          Rankings from 2014

          In 2014, the eBook "100 Regras do Dinheiro" (Portuguese Edition), which translates as The 100 Rules of Money, was found to be ranking as Nr.21 on Amazon US, above millions of English titles.



          If you want to contact our authors for an interview, please email us using our contact form.


          Set Dressing

          If you wish to have our books as set dressing for your TV Series, we are happy to assist you.

          Please send your form to 22lionspublishing (at) gmail (dot) com.


          Non-profit and Volunteer Involvement

          We promote the work and books of different religious societies. We frequently giveaway ebooks that are popular to Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Scientology, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity, among others.

          We also advocate for animal rights and support volunteering activities from around the world.

          We promote a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, such as Vegetarianism and Veganism.

          If you wish to see your work promoted by our bookstore, contact us using our form.



          What do customers praise about 22 Lions Books? Here's a smattering of the adjectives from our book reviews: Truthful, Profound, Simple, Unique, Enlightening, Enriching, Delightful, Insightful, Revealing, Uplifting, Realistic, Wise,...

          We've read every piece of feedback or review we receive — so your comments will be taken to heart and help us improve. In fact, we love to notice that our readers tend to easily become our followers, continuing their reading with other titles we offer. Check out our uncensored reviews below.

          1. “I'm reading this book all the time it is a great read” Richard Palmer
          2. "The most true book I have ever read" Ashley Smith
          3. "Profound in its simplicity. unique and truthful with no reservations" Russ Watkins
          4. "Very knowledgeable and contains truthful information" Tanya Kennedy
          5. "This book was so enlightening" Tamieya Turner
          6. "Brilliant! Truly enlightening. Love it!" Juan Zapata
          7. "Great book if you want to escape from reality for a while and enrich your soul" Dagnija Petersone
          8. "Totally loved it" Kym Silva
          9. "Gave me vision into understanding myself" Michelle Hoeltzell
          10. "Delightfully insightful" Perry Hoeltzell, PhD
          11. "Very positive. I'm glad I got it" Oded Vasquez
          12. "Truly revealing and enlightening. Uplifting and positive!" Juan Zapata
          13. "Its eye opening, makes you think and evaluate your own life" Agatha Phongwako
          14. "No headaches until the end. I would have liked to give you six stars" Michelle Hoeltzell
          15. "The writer speaks from a very realistic point of view" Omeka Moore
          16. "Wise words" Paula Rosvold
          17. "Curiosity led me to this book and boy oh boy my life will never be the same" Charita Pressey
          18. "Mind boggling, thought provoking and addictively brilliant" Jessica Campbell


          Book Store Partners

          Here's a list of the bookstores where you can find our books. We currently publish worldwide and to more than 70 marketplaces.

          1. 24symbols
          3. aerbook
          4. amazon kindle store
          5. apple ibookstore
          7. authors republic
          9. baker & taylor
          25. flipkart
          26. gandhi
          27. google play
          28. gumroad
          31. iauthor
          34. Inketra
          38. Library Direct
          45. lulu
          46. macbook
          52. nineva
          54. overdrive
          57. paperbackswap
          62. scribd
          64. smashwords


          Our Quotes

          "Books are the staircase to heaven. The more you read, the more you understand the world that God created."

          —Robin Sacredfire, Co-Founder of the 22 Lions Bookstore


            "Knowledge is the most valuable treasure on Earth. Because you can lose wealth but only with knowledge you can gain it back."

            —Robin Sacredfire, Co-Founder of the 22 Lions Bookstore


              "If you are not writing something unique and new, you should not think about becoming a writer."

              —Robin Sacredfire, Co-Founder of the 22 Lions Bookstore


                "An autobiography is the most valuable book an author can write."

                —Robin Sacredfire, Co-Founder of the 22 Lions Bookstore


                  "Stupidity, as death, is inevitable. You can't avoid death, but you can avoid stupidity by reading books."

                  —Robin Sacredfire, Co-Founder of the 22 Lions Bookstore