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Dan Desmarques

A New Way of Being

A New Way of Being

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Consciousness manifests itself in several planes of reality and which are interconnected with on another.

In these planes, there is the permanence of the unique spirit of the being, which can experience different realities through the use of his own imagination. The spirit can literally manifest itself in different space-time constructs, which explains why it is possible to do astral travels to other planets or make quantum leaps to parallel realities.

On the other hand, whenever the soul incarnates in a certain plane of reality, as for example, the planet earth, it can incarnate in different periods of history, without being in a temporal obligatory cycle as we know it. Thus, a human being of the future can easily reincarnate in any past period of time and vice versa.

This is why time is not only an illusion and scientifically verifiable, but also a necessary illusion like so many others. Time aids in our development and understanding of the mechanics of life.

Along this line of perceptions, we must know and explore these dynamics with a pragmatic perspective, and we begin this by asking: “Who are we and why do we live?”

This question, among many others, are clarified here, leading the seeker to the same realization of Galileo Galilei, when he said:  "All truths are easy to understand as soon as they are discovered”.

This is possible through a spiritual approach that integrates various religious perspectives.

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