Authenticity & Empathy

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Many people assume that we can separate emotions from thoughts and decisions, but to do so, can only lead one to the wrong decisions, decisions these made under the effect of the subconscious mind, and therefore being unconscious decisions.

Recent research in Psychiatry has been showing us how emotions (or empathy) and thoughts are deeply interrelated, and to a point in which they actually determine them. One’s emotional wellbeing can and does, in fact, determines the ability to make good decisions in life. And so, we can actually say that emotional intelligence can directly affect cognitive intelligence.

One can't simply analyze life or anything it might include while ignoring the emotions behind the beliefs, delusions, fears and ambitions. [...]

  1. The Art of the Heart
  2. The Expression of Our Humanity
  3. The Spiritual Ways of the Heart
  4. The Paradigms in Our Emotions
  5. The Truths and Deceptions in Love
  6. The Highest Sacrifice of the Heart
  7. The Light in Everyone
  8. The Spiritual Companions
  9. The Communication of the Heart
  10. The Illusion of the Emotional Duality
  11. The Key to Major Changes in Life
  12. The Global Impact of Love
  13. The Relation Between Conscience and Love
  14. The Relation Between Karma and Love
  15. Beyond the Negativity

The Art of the Heart

  Anything makes sense when correlated by a single element and the most common denominator. Many would say love but hate is equally powerful. The difference is that, while hate survives by feeding from our energy, our thoughts, our decadent and selfish ambitions, eventually destroying us at the end, when we become so empty than nothing can inhabit us, love fills us, transforms us and leads us into the light, a process which consists in eliminating the most limitative elements within us.

  This principle has been with us since ancient Egypt, as they’ve always put more importance in the heart than the mind, and even before that, because Hindu scriptures already revealed us that God knows and judges humans by their heart, and as much as we see the same in modern religions, like Christianity. The heart is the center of our spirituality, the basis of our intellect and and the battery of our physical body. Everything starts in what the heart reveals. And wisdom, along this path, wouldn’t be possible without an understanding of our own heart’s functions. Indeed, knowing oneself in knowing one’s heart. [...]


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