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Change Yourself

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Those who said that people can’t change didn’t know this book. People can change but they won’t if they choose not to.

In this book you have a chance to change yourself, not others. And by doing this, you will realize how your emotions affect people around you and your wealth as well.

Learning to control yourself and recreate your destiny, is also about knowing yourself and your life purpose. Ultimately, it’s the awareness that affects your changes the most.

You can’t truly change anything until you are clear and aware about what must be changed. And this book will show you how to do that, taking into account stories about people that have learned with the same techniques.

  1. How to see yourself truly
  2. How to change habits
  3. Why we get angry
  4. Secrets that angry people hide
  5. How to be happy
  6. How emotions affect wealth
  7. How other people determine your fate
  8. Why evil people are just like us

How to see yourself truly

 You are what you do, and that can be found in your daily habits. That’s why the best way to change yourself and become better than you are now, consists in observing your habits. To do this, you must keep a notebook next to you all the time, and write about what you do and when, or where, and with who.

 When you write about your life, you can realize a lot of things. You’ll know about the amount of time that you dedicate to work towards changing your life, the people you spend most of the time with, and what you talk with them, but much more.

 You can't change yourself just by saying "I won't do that" or "I have to do this” because you are not a conscious result of previous decisions. [...]


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