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Intelligence, as a set of cognitive skills, as conceived for social success, means nothing in the order of the universe. True intelligence is that which comes in the form of wisdom. And wisdom is the path of consciousness to the knowledge of oneself. Along such line of thought, this book seeks to describe how this kind of supernatural wisdom can be acquired by anyone.

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  1. Introduction
  2. How Does Mental Potential Develop?
  3. The Relation of Happiness with Vitality
  4. How Do You Gain Superhuman Powers?
  5. How Do We Heal?
  6. The Relationship Between Happiness and Health
  7. How Can Mental Illnesses Be Cured and Behavior Changed?
  8. How Can We Predict the Future Wisely?
  9. How to Interpret Religious Wisdom?
  10. How to Change Your Attitude

How Does Mental Potential Develop?

Intelligence can be more rapidly developed if it is directed towards wisdom, being, therefore, a practical intelligence and associated to the happiness of the being, acquired by the awareness of his existential purpose. Whenever we find ourselves motivated on a given path, we learn faster. On the other hand, the mental connections that form when the neurons are energized by emotions, are much more complex, thus allowing an acceleration of what we consider to be effective thinking. This effectiveness arises precisely from pragmatism.

Pragmatism is only relevant when reinforced by personal ambitions. That is why the way to the moral and social development of a human being can’t deny his ego. When the being operates on his material universe in the sense of understanding it and thus becoming more aware of his relation to it, can more easily discover what is pleasurable and also be successful in it. For in what gives us more pleasure, we will find our personal interests and an opportunity to reform psychologically and spiritually.

In this state, we can evolve more rapidly also towards the discovery of the reason for our existence, the so-called existential purpose. In this walk, logic will assume a proportion equal to the level of happiness felt by being on the right path, which will then produce a higher energy that will boost us towards progress. Whenever we are reinforced, excited by an activity that has a deep meaning for us, we also feel more capable, as opposed to the engaging in activities that we do not like and that discourage us. And it is a fact that the vast majority of people age faster by performing functions they detest. When we choose a job we do not like, what we are really doing is exchanging our time, our vitality and our health, for money. We are more amenable to physical illnesses, mental wear, depression and major accidents in these situations.


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