How to Control Your Mind (ebook)

How to Control Your Mind (ebook)


Another me jumped to my brain when I was listening to him, ‘no, you cannot. Other people can because they are strong but you are weak’. I can even feel the weakness and nearly cry in front of people. I run out of the restaurant".

Title How to Control Your Mind (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

Another me jumped to my brain when I was listening to him, ‘no, you cannot. Other people can because they are strong but you are weak’. I can even feel the weakness and nearly cry in front of people. I run out of the restaurant".

Most people feel that they have a battle occurring inside themselves. When one side of this battle is being lost they feel depressed, helpless and weak, as in the situation previously described to me.

What they can’t see is that they can’t ever win this battle on their own.

While their inner conversations may lead them to feel that they’re not alone, and are powerful in life, the outcome is never in their favor.

The difficulty in helping individuals releasing themselves from these voices is particularly related to what caused such voices to manifest in the first place. [...]

  1. The influence of our spirit
  2. The path of our spirituality
  3. The trap in mental isolation
  4. Healing with love
  5. Spirits, Angels and Demons
  6. Spiritual interferences in Spiritual Societies
  7. How Demons possess a Soul
  8. How to detach from our demons
  9. The relation between our nature and possession
  10. How to detect a demon and protect yourself
  11. The Power of God
  12. When Angels manifest and God uplifts you
  13. Gaining control over your thoughts
  14. The 6 levels of control over the mind
  15. Changing your belief-system

The influence of our spirit

  There are, basically and mainly, in all but rare exceptions, only a few reasons behind the manifestation of voices and thoughts that eventually go out of control: our spirit, other spirits, angels and demons.

  In what concerns our spirit, we must start acknowledging it with the assumption that reincarnation is a fact of science, despite being hidden and neglected by most scientists.

  It has been researched for decades and proved with hundreds of cases. It continues to be researched in modern times, even if lacking enough resources and investments, and only having the interest of a very few scientists that are brave enough to risk their reputation when choosing this field of study.

  What we now scientifically know about reincarnation allows us to identify a set of conditions and tendencies that are brought from previous lives.

  This state of mind is rarely manifested as an illness, but commonly as a powerful source of knowledge and experiences, not yet seen in our present existence. [...]

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