Karma and Dharma (ebook)

Karma and Dharma (ebook)


There is a relation between karma and money, between the life you have and the one you should be having.

Title Karma and Dharma (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

There is a relation between karma and money, between the life you have and the one you should be having.

Knowledge is never as important as awareness and, along the way of knowing how both concepts relate, we’re brought forth towards our own need for enlightenment.

This is what is here proposed, a study of our own conscience, in order to understand how we create and repeat our karmic manifestations, while seeing how they can be changed in order to manifest a completely new life and outcome, one in which there is more love, health and abundance.

Conscience is what allows enlightenment, and such state or, at least, potential, becomes crucial as a tool to manifest our desires. There’s not much that an undiscerning mind can see, and yet, for the one that is spiritually blind, not much can be accomplished. [...]

  1. Karma and Ignorance
  2. The Awareness Promoted by Karma
  3. Karma and Wisdom
  4. How Thoughts Determine Karma
  5. Dharma and Knowledge
  6. The Importance of Help
  7. How Stereotypes Determine Karma
  8. The Relation between Money and Karma
  9. Karma and the Law of Attraction
  10. Shifting Between Paradigms

Karma and Ignorance
  To accept the new, you have to let go the old, and the only way to do that, without suppressing it, consists in learning to forgive, not only others but also yourself in the relation maintained with them, even and especially when it fails, and despite the importance of their role in your existence.
  We’re not here to carry other’s karma in our back but only to assume responsibility for ours, namely, when we’re forced to do things we don’t like.
When I was five years old and my mother was twenty-two, she would, ignorantly, play a very evil game. She had the habit of making me daydream about a rich lifestyle, and after seeing I was happy and cheerful about my mental construction, she would then say: “But it will never happen because we weren’t born rich”. [...]

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