Mysteries of the Pythagorean Brotherhood

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There is no wisdom where there is no love, and there is no love without light. This light, so magical and mysterious to many, touches us only when we show ourselves naked of preconceptions, fears and delusional desires.

The fool will always seek for the truth outside of himself and will never find it. He will join the best groups, obtain the best books, talk and live with the wisest humans on planet Earth, and always remain blind.

God truly chooses the enlightened ones, and makes them enlighten by nobility of heart. One must work towards his own salvation, by promoting the best values, in order to reach the light and for the light to touch him.

Love cannot be found without altruism, truth cannot be found without the acceptance of ignorance, and God cannot be found with a selfish and tyrannic ego. Those that reject these laws, reject themselves, because, in their ignorance, persist in a path that brings them more delusions and more pain. Like a wild monkey, they go from tree to tree, without ever realizing their nature, without accepting that conscience, like a princess, awaits to be rescued.

Indeed, both the evil ones and the most dogmatic cry the most, because they do not know how much they are victims of their own deceptions, how much they reflect their own inner dragons.

In its love for wisdom, the Pythagorean Brotherhood emerged in Europe as a light to the word, to bring freedom and a much deeper state of happiness. And few are those that truly understand its value. Hopefully, this work will show you how valuable it was for mankind. Within the following chapters, an opportunity is offered to understand the relation between beauty, art, logic, truth and soul.

  1. Beyond the Inner Light
  2. The Promise of the External Light
  3. The Labyrinth of Life
  4. Aesthetics and Enlightenment
  5. The Sound of Truth
  6. The Beauty of Truth
  7. The Divine Proportions
  8. Sanity, Ego and Truth
  9. The Pythagorean Mysteries
  10. The Secret Meaning of Karma
  11. The Hidden Truth in Perfection
  12. Expectations in Art and Love
  13. The Emotions Inside Sound
  14. A Metaphoric Tale about Enlightenment

Beyond the Inner Light

 It's intriguing when I hear people saying: "This is the only book you need, the only true book”. They tend to say this when referring to one religion book, either the bible, the koran, or other, but the fact is that truth is manifested in many different ways, and not just in one book.

 Why would the God of the whole universe write only one book? Can the whole truth be resumed in the fairytales that this book describes for those immersed in the ignorance that our world, two thousand years ago, possessed?

 I can't agree or disagree because indeed the bible, the koran and the vedas, among many others, contain the truth. However, God didn't put himself in one book only, otherwise, what would be the purpose of people like me? Why would writers write? And why should we have libraries?

 I have to answer to such individuals: If God only desired the truth in one book, there would be no writers or libraries in the world, and we wouldn't need to go to school, do research or think either. [...]


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