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Dan Desmarques



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Studies on success have found that resilience is the main trait of those who can defeat the odds. The more resilient one is, the more likely he is to succeed.

As a matter of fact, resilience levels have prove to be more efficient in measuring the potential for success when compared to education, training and even experience.

On the other hand, we are not born resilient but rather shaped into it through our struggles and challenges.

In order to become resilient, we must be able to accept reality as it comes, adjust to the circumstances according to what is available to us and possess a clear and measurable purpose that is higher in value than money, and that’s an emotional and personal value.

Resilient people don’t imagine things were different and don’t wait for the circumstances to change but take immediate and constant actions, and then make the sacrifices needed to make sure those actions lead to results.

Instead of complaining about the limitations in their environment, the resilient find ways to overcome the barriers.

If they can’t get the job they want, they find one they don’t want first, and if their relationship comes to an end or their business bankrupts, they look at what happened and restart their own thinking towards a future goal and a new outcome.

If their emotions are overwhelming, resilient people are quick to shift their mind towards humor, including dark humor, or find external ways to keep their emotions under control, either it is by doing sports, walking outside or having some other form of activity that keeps their emotions under control.

If something they truly love fails, they seek for the reasons that can lead them to something better.

Moreover, resilient people are noticeable for both having a great humor but also neglecting the things that make others cry and quit. They are better at achieving their goals for these reasons, as they can look at the problems as simply steps along the path to where they want to be.

These skills make them capable of adapting very fast and develop strategies to analyze the environment that most people simply don’t have.

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