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Neil Mars

Teaching Strategies to Motivate College Students

Teaching Strategies to Motivate College Students

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The world is changing rapidly, as well as the way we think and live. Meanwhile, while changes occur in the way we read, communicate and interact, absolutely nothing evolved regarding the educational system. Students are showing much less interest and motivation to learn nowadays, and we tend to attribute such phenomenon to some kind of mental disorder or laziness, not realizing that both emotional and physical reactions reflect a new social tendency.

Studies applied on children with Attention Deficit Disorder have shown that emotions, particularly associated with metacognitive abilities, have a very important role in helping them develop cognitive patterns and assimilate information, so why do we insist in medication? But more importantly, why doesn’t the educational system changes?

This system has been created to promote a governmental ideal for our society, therefore, everything that is implied for our children and young adults to learn matches this paradigm.

Those that resist fitting such model will not be praised as educational movies tend to show, but rather ridiculed, discriminated and rejected. This applies to both teachers and students, in which one fears being differentiated by grades and the other fears being differentiated by pears and lose a job. [...]

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