The 10 Triangles of Life (ebook)

The 10 Triangles of Life (ebook)


Our life is composed of a multitude of events that either bring us upwards or downwards.

Title The 10 Triangles of Life (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

Our life is composed of a multitude of events that either bring us upwards or downwards.

These events can be predicted by following certain very ancient laws that merge with everything else that we find in nature and within our spiritual evolution. It’s for this reason, that we can, not only predict the future, while using them, but also recognize our state of awareness and improve our existence.

The law of attraction, the law of cause and effect and the law of karma would not make any sense without a proper assimilation of how the law of the triangle of power operates. And it’s for this reason that all secret societies study this topic and keep addressing it as one of the most important, from the individual that needs to improve his social life, to the organization that needs to acquire more power and wealth. The principles that guide us to power are the same for one person or a group.[…]

  1. The Triangle of Happiness
  2. The Triangle of Existence
  3. The Triangle of Wisdom
  4. The Triangle of Conscience
  5. The Triangle of Wealth
  6. The Triangle of Accomplishment
  7. The Triangle of Karma
  8. The Triangle of Manifestation
  9. The Triangle of Destruction
  10. The Triangle of Motivation

The Triangle of Happiness
  If you consider that everything in life is formed following patterns that can be organized in triangles which can be subdivided in 3 forms of perspectives each, it’s relatively easy to assume that whenever one section of the triangle is affected, the others will suffer the impact.
  Let’s take into account, for example, the triangle of truth, love and justice. It may seem naive, at first, to assume that everyone knows the importance of these three elements but a closer look at our life and the one of those around us shows a different picture.
  Imagine, for example, that a person consistently lies in her job or business. Do you think this person can be truthful in her personal life or with relationships? Certainly not! This type of dissociation is rarely possible, because our brain is not naturally programmed to work in such way. What follows in this situation is a decline of the other two sections of the triangle. This person will start acting unjustly towards others as well, and then lose empathy for them. [...]

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