The Laws of the Great Architect (ebook)

The Laws of the Great Architect (ebook)


Most people want to change their life, change themselves, change their destiny, and achieve a higher quality of living.

Title The Laws of the Great Architect (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

Most people want to change their life, change themselves, change their destiny, and achieve a higher quality of living.

They want to, basically, conquer their dreams. Nevertheless, they often fail for reasons that transcend them. For the vast majority, the world is nothing more than a big amount of beliefs, among which we can only pick some, try them and fail, not really knowing which one is the right one. But within this type of experience, enlightenment seems like a very distant goal, maybe even impossible. And yet, every single experience we encounter, teaches us that we’re supposed to learn from anyone, including, and especially, from the ones that challenge us the most.

Along this line of thought, the purpose of this book consists in showing you how to make decisions and which things govern our success and failure when we need to make radical transformations within ourselves and our environment.

The laws exposed here are based on the principle of perfect chaos, the idea of Saint Thomas Aquinas, when he stated that “God, Who is the first principle of all things, may be compared to things created as the architect is to things designed”, or as it is said in latin, “ut artifex ad artificiata”.

  1. The Fundamental Secret Behind Change
  2. The Laws of Karma in Human Transformations
  3. The Purpose of Chaos in Our Decisions
  4. The Inner Conflicts Behind Each Decision
  5. The Necessary Stages of Life and Love
  6. The Illusion Provided by Our Dualities
  7. The Spiritual Reasons Behind Our Encounters
  8. The Spiritual Meaning of Love
  9. The Reasons Behind Chaos
  10. The Purpose of the Ego in the Manifestation of Love
  11. The Common Patterns in Our Options
  12. The Mental and Social Traps of Negativity
  13. The Paradigm of Communication
  14. The Mastery of Will
  15. The Expansion of Awareness

The Fundamental Secret Behind Change
  Everyone is connected at a subconscious level and that’s why, whenever we leave the reality of someone, that person seems to instinctively know, and then starts calling us on the phone to make sure that we’re still within their reality or won’t leave. Our dearest friends and family members resit the most our transitions than anyone else.
  People often remember us when we’re least available to them, and the same occurs in the opposite way. Before two persons meet, they’ve already decided to have that encounter. In other words, we always attract experiences that were somehow agreed upon before an event takes place. We attract the ones that match our beliefs, and as much as we attract those that fulfill our desires. And this is why relationships manifest the highest degree of both happiness, frustration and sadness, which is also the reason why breakups bring forward the highest amount of pain. In essence, love is a verbal and conceptual representation of this connection between humans, and loneliness is what we feel when we’re among others but feel disconnected from them. [...]

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