Why We Suffer

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When somebody asks me “do you believe in God?” I have to answer “yes, but maybe mine is not the one you’re talking about”.

Some people get scared and others smile at this answer, which can be seen as either a joke or a warning.

What few people wonder is about what kind of God are they believing in.

They always assume that if my God isn’t the same as theirs, I’m the one worshiping the wrong God.

However, the question related to believing or not in a God, and in what kind of God we believe, makes a huge difference when we want to debate the question of “why does God allow suffering”.

This difference is behind the creation of millions of different belief systems, each one claiming that their God is the true God.

I’m not in favor of the opinion that all Gods are true, which, even if correct, would have to make us question about how many Gods do exist.

Learn more in Why We Suffer.

  1. Assuming your irresponsibility
  2. Realizing your fears
  3. Recognizing your delusional social conscience
  4. Facing your delusional sense of spirituality
  5. Knowing about the unawareness of an identity
  6. Seeing the weakness of your emotional immunity
  7. Solving any karmic infringements
  8. Fixing an untruthful karmic nature
  9. Understanding your unrealistic animal nature

Assuming your irresponsibility

 Most people don’t feel comfortable with the topic of responsibility, and this is why it's precisely the most important.

 Responsibility isn't the same as guilt and it isn't related to an attitude of victimization.

 Being responsible means acknowledging that you always have a choice during each moment of your life, which, in other words, also means that sometimes you need to lose many things to end up winning something more precious.

 It also means acknowledging that you may not be really working towards improving your life.

 Such attitude is very common when living in fear, namely, the fear of losing a job, being rejected and being misunderstood or humiliated. [...]


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