25 Ways to Gain More Confidence and Power in Your Life (Audiobook)

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This audiobook describes the 25 most important qualities found in entrepreneurs and other successful individuals, such as artists and professional athletes. These qualities were researched over 50 years ago, and remain known as the most common ones. It will help you with confidence.

There are countless success stories with people that have applied them to their life to achieve their goals, either in their relationships or studies, but also to improve their finances and their health. The effects of practicing these skills are therefore beneficial to anyone willing to live a happier existence. These are the same qualities that the Instructor has been applying to his own life, to achieve the success he has at all levels, including financial. 

Download this audiobook today, take notes, and change your life for the better. You will soon see the results of your efforts. These laws are universal and taught in business schools as a reference to anyone who wishes to obtain his or her goals. They are crucial for anyone who is serious about acquiring success.

  1. Quality Nr.1 - Persistence
  2. Quality Nr.2 - Courage
  3. Quality Nr.3 - Dedication to Goals
  4. Quality Nr.4 - Knowledge and Wisdom
  5. Quality Nr.5 - Optimism
  6. Quality Nr.6 - Good Judgment
  7. Quality Nr.7 - Honesty and Integrity
  8. Quality Nr.8 - Enthusiasm
  9. Quality Nr.9 - Risk-Taking
  10. Quality Nr.10 - Vitality
  11. Quality Nr.11 - Initiative
  12. Quality Nr.12 - Persuasion
  13. Quality Nr.13 - Extroversion
  14. Quality Nr.14 - The Ability to Communicate
  15. Quality Nr.15 - Patience
  16. Quality Nr.16 - Perception
  17. Quality Nr.17 - Perfectionism
  18. Quality Nr.18 - Humour
  19. Quality Nr.19 - Versatility and Flexibility
  20. Quality Nr.20 - Curiosity
  21. Quality Nr.21 - Idealism
  22. Quality Nr.22 - Individualism
  23. Quality Nr.23 - Imagination
  24. Quality Nr.24 & 25 - Faith & The Ability to Postulate

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