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Dan Desmarques

66 Days to Change Your Life

66 Days to Change Your Life

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The main idea for the production of this book came after I realized how the beliefs of others were constantly causing me to lose money and delay my life in achieving my goals, even causing me to fail in businesses I had just started.

Realizing this was extremely frustrating, but also difficult to control for a variety of reasons, including the fact that we cannot always identify who these people are, and even if we do, we may not be able to remove them from our lives.

The only way to solve this problem effectively is to create a system that can rearrange the various patterns of our existence at once by focusing on only one area, preferably of a material nature, as is the case with money.

The content presented here is based on the premise that if our thoughts interfere with our destiny, then the thoughts of others, operating by default, can have a greater influence on that destiny.

Have you ever noticed how happy some people are when you fail, as if they expected it, or how sympathetic some people seem when you are poor?

They are the same ones who resent your happiness and abundance when you become successful later in life, and then claim the most absurd things to prove that you are unworthy of what you are getting, while finding excuses to remove themselves from your reality.

This social paradigm is so obvious that there had to be another one that contradicted this common behavior. I found it and later decided to create a system to help me apply it.

After seeing immediate results manifest in my own life, even as I was writing this book - due to the fact that I was reading the exercises in my mind while preparing the content - I concluded that the application of this system would be very useful for my readers.

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