66 Days to Change Your Life

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The main idea for the production of "66 Days to Change Your Life" appeared after realizing how the beliefs of others were constantly making me lose money and delaying my life in what regards reaching my goals, even leading me to fail in businesses I had just started.

The awareness to this fact was extremely frustrating but also difficult to control for a multitude of reasons, namely, because we can’t always detect who such people are, and also because, even when doing so, we may not be able to remove them from our life.

The only way to solve this problem effectively consists in the creation of a system that can rearrange the different patterns of our existence at once and through the focus in one area only, preferably of a material nature, as it is the case with money.

The content presented here comes from the premise that, if our thoughts interfere with our fate, the thoughts of others, operating by default, can have a greater influence over such fate.

Have you ever noticed how happy some people are when you fail as if they were already expecting it? Or how sympathetic some individuals appear to be when you are poor? They are the same ones resenting your happiness and abundance when you later in life become successful and then claiming the most absurd things to prove that you are unworthy of what you get, and this, while finding excuses to remove themselves from your reality.

This social paradigm is so obvious, that another, contradicting this common behavior, had to be present too. I found it and later decided to create a system to help me apply it. After seeing immediate results manifesting in my own life, even as I was creating this book — due to the fact that I was reading the exercises in my mind while preparing the content — I concluded that the application of this system would be very useful for the many readers that I have spread all over the globe.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why is this Knowledge Important?
  3. Why this System Works?
  4. Why 66 Days?
  5. Why are Habits Difficult to Form?
  6. Why Do We Need to Make Sacrifices?
  7. Why Do Rich People think Differently?
  8. Why Do You Need to Change Alone?
  9. Why the Facts Don’t Matter?
  10. Why Nothing is Impossible?
  11. Why is Time Relative?
  12. Why 21 Days is Not Enough?
  13. Why Will Your Social Life Be Affected?
  14. Why is Religion Misleading?
  15. Why God Punishes the Stupid?
  16. What Can You Do about Mass Ignorance?
  17. Why is Ignorance the Main Enemy?
  18. Why Love is Not the Answer?
  19. Why You Don’t Need to Predict the Future?
  20. Why Losing Relationships is a Good Thing?
  21. What is the Real Source of Any Disagreement?
  22. The Law of Attraction in a Nutshell
  23. Why Affirmations aren’t Enough to Create Changes?
  24. Your Emotional Relationship With Money
  25. Why are Money and Social Status Interrelated?
  26. Why Certain Cultural Values Can Keep You Poor?
  27. Why Your Friends Can Keep You Poor?
  28. The Big Lie in Equalitarianism
  29. Step 1: Deprogramming Your Mind
  30. Step 2: Removing Money Blocks
  31. Step 3: Increasing Your Magnetic Power
  32. Step 4: Rehabilitating Your Imagination
  33. Step 5: Realigning Your Spirit
  34. Step 6: Rewriting Your Karma
  35. Step 7: Opening Quantum Gates
  36. Step 8: Singing Mantras for Abundance
  37. Step 9: Eliminating Negative Beliefs
  38. Step 10: Cleaning Your Sexual Energy
  39. Step 11: Increasing Your Wealth by Using Karma
  40. Step 12: Attracting More Wealth with Love

Why is this Knowledge Important?

There are millions of books out there, even courses and videos, on the topic of attracting abundance and wealth, namely, on the law of attraction, vibration and manifestation. There are even groups on this planet with specific therapies to help people overcome their subconscious mind and attract wealth. However, as I came to realize, after studying with many of such groups, the large majority doesn’t understand the full spectrum of how the human mind operates, and that’s why they usually fail in helping most people, or can only help them obtain what their mind already allowed within its limitations. As a matter of fact, most of what you learn from them, is simply a lie, outdated, common sense or misleading. As useful as such knowledge might be, it will never lead to outstanding results.

Personally, I’ve always disliked wasting my own time, and even ended friendships and relationships that were stopping me from reaching my life goals, usually facing months of loneliness in the process because of the values that I was certainly not giving up on. And, naturally, it is hard to follow an extreme lifestyle. But you only have one chance at proving your real value in this world. This is why I did my own research based on the most advanced and effective techniques available to reprogram and heal the mind, and then redesigned the strategy presented here for specific purposes, first and foremost, with the intention of using it to achieve my own financial dreams and eliminate any limiting beliefs.

The more I focused on the application of this system, the faster I noticed that the naysayers, the negative personalities and everyone else that opposed my success, kept disappearing from my reality, while those who wanted to be part of it, started to change, becoming more supportive and even, in some cases, helping me achieve the results I wanted.

Only two months had passed, when I noticed that nearly all of my friends were either entrepreneurs or successful artists, just like me.

This is when I realized how deeply wealth is correlated with anything else, even the people we surround ourselves with and how they feel about us.

Finally, as I kept attracting wealthy people into my life, and seeing the ones who hold a poverty mindset, or that don’t believe in my success, moving apart, I also saw my path towards my dreams getting clearer, allowing me to become more skillful in obtaining the results I sought, which, on the other hand, attracted even more money in my direction.

This said, I have no doubt that this system is of a tremendous help to me, solving problems that I have tried to clear out of my way throughout my entire existence. And this is why I keep applying it on a daily basis. For this reason, it is my pleasure, as an author and researcher, to now share this system with you.


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