A Rose in a Storm - 22 Lions

A Rose in a Storm

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Life can deceive us, confuse us and make us feel frustrated. We never know what option is the best, why good things turn bad or bad things turn good. We may believe that it is all about luck, while in fact, it isn’t. Life always obeys the same laws, allowing you to predict many events in advance and even how people will eventually make their own choices, by merely looking at how they think and behave.

We do know that betrayal, disappointment and deception always hurts us, especially when we least expect or when we suffer them from those we loved and trusted the most. And yet, everything is seen and predicted in the stars, in their and our karma, but also in simple principles that this book unveils.

If you would like to know who you can or can’t trust, which option can take you to a better future or worse life experience, but also why you are experiencing certain things at this moment, then you want to definitely read this book. It describes one of the oldest secrets about karma and fortunetelling. And it’s so simple to analyze that, after knowing about how the method works, you will never have to worry ever again, or feel anxiety, about future events. You’ll also know which options are best for you, or which person you want as a friend or lover.