A Theory of Reincarnation (ebook)

A Theory of Reincarnation (ebook)


According to what is scientifically known, there's a strong relation between our previous existences as a soul and our current life.

Title A Theory of Reincarnation (ebook)
Author Robin Sacredfire
Type ebook

According to what is scientifically known, there's a strong relation between our previous existences as a soul and our current life.

The implications of this fact can be seen in our karmic experiences, our suppressed skills, our fears and, most importantly, our dreams, needs and ambitions in this present life.
Talents that we manifest since a very young age, sometimes demonstrating a technical potential that most people need to train and develop to achieve, fits the explanation provided here.

This hidden source, when properly revealed and assimilated, helps in developing many qualities that otherwise would remain unseen.
In fact, it's not as important knowing who we were as it is rediscovering what we knew, because when experiencing a new life this is what matters the most.

Our difficulties, passions, needs, attributes, values and relationships are revealed through a lineage of existences on earth and not only. Within this path, the significance of achieving a higher conscience of our spirituality makes us see that it's never about what happened yesterday or what we did in the day before that, but what we have today and was brought from those previous days. 

This is how we understand, change and learn how to control our karma and reincarnations in a way that can benefit us greatly, starting in this life with what we do.
The hidden mysteries of reincarnation and karma are far more interesting and overwhelming than what most people are ready to accept and see.[...]

  1. Many identities but one soul
  2. Why we are never alone
  3. Why karma has the solution to any problem
  4. The consequences of karma and how they're revealed
  5. Why we shouldn't’ lie, hate or be negative
  6. The unpleasant truth about the karma of the majority 
  7. Why most people don't believe in reincarnation or karma
  8. The relation between birth defects and reincarnation
  9. The importance of love and compassion for others
  10. Why we need to love ourselves
  11. Why karma isn't a punishment
  12. How to find skills from past lives
  13. Making peace with our past lives
  14. How is karma related to reincarnation
  15. How I found all my past lives
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of knowing past lives
  17. How to clean our karma
  18. How to tell your next life
  19. Spiritual evolution and social transformations
  20. How we and animals choose our place of birth

Many identities but one soul
Who we were in our previous lives doesn't change who we are now, or even, in many cases, the social environment we have or, at least, the karmic similarities to the one previously experienced.
There's a relation between people and past lives, so the ones we know today as friends or relatives were likely the same individuals we met before, which brings our current life experience to a completely new level.
From previous lives, we bring friends and enemies, not necessarily related to gender, race or religion, which also change between lives.
Researchers have found that a person could have been white skinned and return black skinned, a Jew and come back as a Catholic, or a Japanese and come back as a North American. And, if a person was a woman before and comes back as a man, or the opposite, there's a high probability for that person to be gay. [...]

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