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Dan Desmarques



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You have probably spent most of your existence wondering why so many people are evil towards others and even jealous, and why this occurs against those who did nothing wrong and spend most of their time focusing on their own existence and the survival of their family.

A lot of the evil in the world is attributed to mysterious causes, often segregated to the area of religion, and psychopathy does not have the attention it must have when we analyze it from a wider perspective, or when we see its many implications in our daily life.

This book goes beyond what is commonly known to explain all the dynamics involved in the world and in our interactions with others, showing you that everything can be simplified within a certain evolutionary track that unveils our hidden motives, ambitions, fears and reasons.

After reading this book, you will get a better understanding of the individual neurology and how it applies in the multiple facets of evil in the contemporary world.


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