Another Chance

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You were born to accomplish everything you've ever dreamed, but you may wonder why it didn't happen and where's the solution to a life of frustrations.

After years programming our mind with social believes, we end up accepting destiny and becoming what others expected us to be, even though we're unhappy about it.

The book "Another Chance" intends to change that and help in recovering the ability to pursue dreams once again, by allowing an understanding on how to use specific human skills and manifest a new reality. The theory exposed is based on the believe that the true meaning of life is supported by joy and abundance, and it's when both manifest that we find our true purpose. However, for this to happen we need to recover the love for ourselves and our existence. [...]

  1. Well-balanced
  2. The love within
  3. Acknowledging spirituality
  4. Recognizing the life purpose
  5. Accepting the truth
  6. The unseen support
  7. Appreciating life
  8. Life is a choice
  9. The yin and yang of life
  10. How God gives you what you need


 Taught to believe that there’s a positive and negative, a good and bad, that good in itself is enough to prevail under any circumstance or that the bad has no purpose in life, we often forget how much we can learn and develop from our mistakes, our wrong choices and bad options.

 There’s no such thing as a right answer without a wrong one and never will we understand why the right answer is right in the first place and not imposed on us if we don’t dedicate ourselves to understand why the wrong option is called wrong.

 Social paranoia based on governmental programming and conceptual schizophrenia raised from delusional educational systems have led many to believe that bad is good, as opposite to believing that good is not bad. However, both the one that refuses to see his evilness behind a mask of good personality as well as the one which deliberately chooses to be evil for not finding the purpose of goodness in life are wrong within such path. [...]


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