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Ascension was written as a message to the 144,000 chosen beings of the Earth and the ones that intend to help them in their path. Commonly known as Indigo, Star Seeds, Crystal Beings, Rainbow Beings, or more simply as Bodhisattvas, they are on planet Earth to uplift it and help humans in the transition to the next stage of spiritual development.

And so, in regards to this topic, the content presented details how such development must occur, how one can take the necessary insights to strengthen himself in this path and how the planet must change in the following decades to come.

Written as a manifesto, this book approaches several important topics, regarding how to deal with human beings and educate them, how to attract more happiness and abundance, and also how to develop more wisdom and acquire knowledge about universal truths.

  1. How to Communicate with Humans
  2. The Relation Between Spirituality and Wealth
  3. How Humans Can Find Real Love
  4. The Path of Truth on Earth
  5. How to Obtain More Wisdom
  6. How to Obtain More Wealth

How to Communicate with Humans

In the center of your being, there you will find a sparkle of light that connects with the heart of the cosmos, and absorbs light from the light of the universe. It is a deception to assume that you must be accepted by humans in order to communicate with them. You don’t need this path. In fact, you shouldn’t seek it. You should seek the highest state of light, the highest manifestation of conscience, to absorb the lowest, to find a connection with the lowest. For there is no low or high, but only light that has not yet been purified. And you can’t purify water with non-purified water. You must seek to clean the blood channels with the highest state of blood, with healthier ingredients. And likewise, you should proceed with your fellow humans. Do not talk from their level, but from the highest you can connect to. And whenever you get angry, remember, you can only be angry when disconnected from the highest state of awareness and connected to the lowest. “Therefore, to try to connect with beings of a lower nature, it’s indeed to connect to a lower state of awareness. You do not want that. You want to make them reach for your level, because such is their spiritual mission, even if they do not understand so yet.


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