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Most people go through life without ever knowing who they really are and how far they can go. But what if you could change yourself dramatically? What if you could determine your identity? And what if you could shit your entire life towards a more enlightening direction? In Centered & Balanced you can learn.

You can do all that by becoming your own guru. This is the offer presented here.

The information described in the following chapters will teach you how to gain control over your life, achieve an ideal balance and attract wealth with a positive attitude.

Our experiences often reflect an inner world that we can’t discern and clarify. If we could, we wouldn’t have so many problems and challenges but only dreams and ambitions. That requires a change of mentality and an understanding about the rules that govern our existence.

When we understand how our mental paradigms affect our existential patterns, a new world unfolds and that is a beautiful new world. Like the phoenix that reemerges from the ashes, the power of truth can unleash the best within us, and in doing so create a spiritual rebirth.

  1. The Tao Within
  2. The Control Over Life
  3. Beyond Truth
  4. Finding Balance in Life
  5. Why People Can’t Change
  6. The You in Them
  7. Consequences of Being Different
  8. The Liberation in Rejection
  9. Toxic Love
  10. Personal Deceptions
  11. The Guru Within

The Tao Within

 I’ve realized that it’s important to get what we want in order to realize what we don't want. In fact, we also need to sometimes lose what we have in order to realize what we need.

 In this path, I noticed, for example, that I did need to manage many companies, so that, afterward, I could realize that I can't work in such environment and under stress. Later, I had to travel to China, to realize how much being in peace is important for me. And, eventually, I also had to lose my health in China, to become conscious about how much I need sunshine and a good rest.

 I’ve never realized those things before. It was the experience of getting something and losing something else that made me see it. Therefore, I can say that life basically pushed me around, up until where I am now, even though, during the process, I thought that I was in control of the situation. Somehow, I was but in a very delusional form. [...]


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