Collective Consciousness

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The term cosmic consciousness, or collective consciousness, although widely studied in psychology, and explained by many in the field of spirituality, has never been fully understood and properly clarified at a higher level than the one made possible commonly on Earth. And the reason why, is that these terms are often misinterpreted on a wider scale, for how could we use words such as “cosmic” or “collective” without understanding first awareness from that other standpoint, much wider and more evolved than ours? And how can many claim to understand spirituality without understanding it first from the perspective of higher realms, which transcend our own? Many of such individuals who have attempted that, as I came to know, don’t even believe in life on other planets, or have a completely distorted view on how the beings of other galaxies manifest their own consciousness, therefore showing a version of truth which actually manifests their own ideologies. And it is then without a surprise that humanity remains as lost as always, in what regards finding its right path or discarding the wrong ones. For this reason, in this book a clear and linear perspective is shown to you, describing the exact values and mental states that must be acquired by one who wishes to self-evaluate himself on the path towards ascension, for they are interrelated with the same consciousness manifested in realities where the habitants of such worlds are far more evolved than those of Earth. The perspective presented here, although spiritual, is based on the realities presented in many other universes, and therefore explicit in showing you how to find the truth within that will guide you towards a higher evolutionary state, with accuracy, precision, and much faster than what any other method from any other school of knowledge can offer you.

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Mass Consciousness?
  3. The Consciousness Reformation
  4. The External Influence on Earth
  5. The Necessary Quantum Leap
  6. The Key to a Higher Consciousness
  7. Extraterrestrial Social Systems
  8. Extraterrestrial Love and Sexuality
  9. The Evolution of Consciousness in a Society
  10. Extraterrestrial Consciousness
  11. The Metaphysical Assimilation of Reality
  12. How Humans Limit Themselves
  13. Overcoming the Collective Subconscious
  14. The Gate to Freedom
  15. The Illusion Created by Money
  16. Why Humans Can’t Find the Meaning of Life?
  17. The Three Dominating Frequencies of Earth
  18. How are Humans Controlled by Their Vibrations?
  19. Why do People Create Drama?
  20. The Relation Between Wealth and Mental Health
  21. The Greatest Secret to Wealth and Abundance
  22. How to Transcend Mass Consciousness

What is Mass Consciousness?

From what I came to understand, within my present amount of perceptions, there is merely a certain proportion of consciousness that is relative to every reality. This means that, in every planet, there are a limited amount of perceptions shared by the collective, living on that particular reality, and which tend to be within a context that both denies inferior and superior patterns to the one experiencing it.

We can better understand this by comparing ourselves with our human past on earth, or even between generations, for it is relatively easy to notice that some values are embraced as more important, while others stay behind, with every transition of time. And although many times it seems to those who stay behind, that there is a certain degradation of choices to embrace, the truth is that there is also a spiritual element that permeates every transition in time and is parallel to any physical demonstration of such transition.

This spiritual element, universal, known as God, God Conscience, Holy Spirit, or merely “The Light”, favors and prioritizes a deeper integration between mind, body and soul, along with a more meaningful attribution to our emotions and purpose in life as a collective.

Whenever a transition isn’t presented naturally, with fluidity and peacefulness, we will notice a rebellious, anarchic and even violent rupture with old values, in the form of crime, wars and other forms of violence — i.e.,immoral acts, and other violations of freewill to a lesser or greater degree.

Death becomes then the ultimate price to pay for a derailing aside from the Divine Truth. And it is because, as a collective, humanity has always sensed this to be a fact, that it has sought to have this Truth protected and embraced by culture, custom and habit.

We can certainly see how this resulted for everyone, for religion has gained a tremendous power out of the needs and fears of the collective, and often used the ignorance of this collective if favor of greedy governments, to fulfill political agendas and even to annihilate the entirety of its followers.

Prophets, such as Jesus, descended to Earth to show exactly this to humanity and were killed, not for religious or spiritual reasons, for the people of his time were more open to religious diversity and worshiping than we would like to believe today, but political reasons.

This division between state and religion, found its greatest conflicts, first with the persecution of the Knights Templar throughout Europe, and then with World War II. In between, we have faced minor but equally significant catastrophes against the free will of its people, with the Inquisition, the persecution of the Gnostics and Cathars, and the creation of political ideologies such as Communism.

Today, the power of religion and government seems to be more unified than ever, thanks to the control both have and share in the fields of science and education. And it is precisely for this reason that humanity has set itself further apart from the Divine Truth, now attributed to these two orders, completely under the authority of those above them, and subjugated to their will, rather than a scientific truth or even the purpose of truly educating the masses. This is why both education and science are organized to favor lobbies, corporations and ideologies that keep this social but tyrannic hierarchy in place.

In between them, we have the media, the secret services and security forces, ensuring that such structure is maintained in order, either through the brainwashing of the masses, the deliberate dumbing down of humanity, or the oppression and arrest of political dissidents.

Interesting how history keeps repeating itself on Earth for thousands of years, no? But taking into consideration that Jesus was trialed in public, rather than eliminated in private under the guise of having committed suicide, and that the Roman Empire was far more liberal on cultural diversity than we are today, especially in big countries like Communist China, where its population represents nearly 20% of the world’s population, and it citizens are instigated to spy on each other and foreigners by using mobile applications, we can honestly say that the world of today is far much more oppressive on its people than it ever was before.

The hierarchy of humanity is now antinatural, and also Anti-christian, and violates many laws of spirit, which for now show themselves at a deeper level, in the subconscious of the collective, but will, if kept suppressed for long enough, present themselves as the annihilation of the vast masses living of Earth.


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