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What if everything you believed to be true was a lie? What if the only reason why it seems that religion has failed on you, is because you have been hearing lies that do not match the real God? What if the truth has been remaining hidden from you on purpose? And what if you could forgive yourself for being deceived? What if you could change your life by getting access to the real truth? For this is what this book proposes you, while answering all these questions. Here, you will obtain a direct guidance filled with personal examples, on how christians and many other religious groups are corrupted and end up corrupting others along the way, pushing them further away from the truth that God wishes everyone to know. This truth is so important, that without it, you will never know why the life of so many seems so chaotic and without a positive end, despite all the prayers and dedication to rituals of various nature. In fact, if you wish to become more religious, this book can help you correct your practice towards this truth, while avoiding being deceived as so many others have been. For this is the truth that God wishes you to access through your own existence, with your own awareness and ethics, and not just a blind faith.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Realm of the Living Dead
  3. The Causes of Our Deception
  4. The Realm of False Religions
  5. The Realm of False Spirituality
  6. The Dangers of Radicalism
  7. The Patterns of Misinterpretation
  8. How God Blesses His Followers

The Realm of the Living Dead

When people walk outside, immersed in their own thoughts, they forget that they are part of a collective. And then what happens is that, they become selfish, self-centered, and ignore the rights of others. And when this occurs, they obtain problems in return, which they never assume to be caused by themselves. That is the real meaning of karma — self-caused harm.

If people were not so selfish, if the vast majority cooperated more for the common good, their life would be much better. Because if everyone shared their own personal interests, their own information and viewpoints, motivated by a will in improving society and in helping others, then this society would give them back too, as that’s individual good multiplied by everyone else.

As you see, most people don’t really understand life, as much as they don’t understand that the purpose of their job is not to have a salary, but to help someone; because, the only reason their job exists, is that their job is helping others. And that’s why they can’t understand as well, when unemployed, that nobody has the obligation to give them a job that society doesn’t need, or for which there are enough and better helpers already employed and doing the same; they don’t understand that the acquisition of a skill is always related to the need in the world for such skill. And along this line, they can’t see that the world cooperates for a common good.

When people believe that life is a competition, and about trying to pull others down in order to survive, in order to get more, they don’t see that they get less by default. As a matter of fact, competition leads to jealousy, and jealousy leads to lack of appreciation, which then leads to the negative idea of unfairness and hatred towards the world, guiding our heart towards vibrating at a lower frequency, which then brings us to a personal reality of having less than what we already have. This is why Christ has said: "Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” (Matthew 13:12). The idea of scarcity and hatred towards the rich, always leads to more poverty, because it comes from a standpoint of lower vibration. What you believe and what you feel, you attract; and so, if you believe that you are poor because someone else is rich, and you hate that reality which you would like to have, envy and differentiation before it literally shapes your energy towards more of what you don’t want.

We could all get much more if we were cooperating with one another, first in our heart, with appreciation, and then in our spirit with belief in a greater good, and in God to guide us there. We don’t need to be accepted and respected to do these three things. The hate of another being does not need to change your respect for him, and his arrogance does not need to change your love.

You need to understand that most people, with either abundance or scarcity, live under the veil of ignorance, ignorance in what regards the source of their wealth, the similarities between their nature and the one of others, and the shifts in the energy field, that can make one who was poor, become very rich, and the one who was very rich, become very poor in the next day.


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