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Everyone is looking for peace and harmony, because this is what is missing in our life. Without such things we’re doomed to the storms of fate, pushed and pulled between desires and fears, emotions and needs, which eventually lead us to suffering and depression. In general, we know today that we’re unhappy when we don’t like someone or something, when things we avoid happen and the things we wish don’t. And so, the patience required from one that wishes to pursue his most higher ambitions needs training, and that’s when meditation becomes, not an end, but the fertile soil in which to plant roots that guarantee better fruits from life. In this sense, human suffering only appears when this peace is somehow shattered, by violent emotions, resentment, fear and worry. Basically, when we forget our divinity, our potential to assume full responsibility for our spiritual existence on this planet.

Worse than the emotions that confuse us and take our attention away from what is beautiful, is our incapability to process them, to analyze them and experience them, because those that suppress negativity find themselves ruled by it in ways they can’t even perceive. On the other hand, whenever we expand our conscious awareness, it inevitably reaches the depths of the subconscious mind, forcing us to confront progressively more, about ourselves, our attitude towards the outside world and the decisions we need to make in order to transform harmoniously and according to the laws that rule existence and life.

To shift our attention from our problems and hide in meditation is a delusion that can lead to many risks. Therefore, with this in mind, this book - Enlightenment , offers a very unique path, one in which self-development and meditation present themselves as the same thing, a path in which the practice of meditation can actually and directly help you change towards becoming a better person.

  1. The Meaning of Forgiveness
  2. The Two Realities of the Soul
  3. The Tridimensional Conscience
  4. The Nature of Wisdom
  5. The Mastery of the Mind
  6. Advanced Meditation
  7. Chakra Healing

The Meaning of Forgiveness

 Apologizing for our mistakes is the least thing we can do when trying to solve our problems and fixing our pains inflicted on others. More than this, one needs to understand why he does such mistakes, otherwise we risk repeating the same attitude and then attributing it to our nature. And for most people, the vast majority of what they attribute to themselves is a consequence of peculiar but meaningful experiences and traumas, and not an asset of their character, especially when negative.

 Whatever we hold of negative within our nature is never ours, because we weren't born evil or meant to do evil. The ability or unconscious tendency to hurt others is a disease. When done on purpose, it’s a very serious spiritual condition.

 We always have a choice in life, and yet, our goal must be to transcend such choice, to understand that there’s a reason for good and another for evil, and that ultimately, our personal decision must attend our personal happiness as well, and not follow groups, trends or dogmas. […]


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